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How to qualify

There is only 25 teams starting on the Czech Championship, qualified on these rules:

  • qualifiers are the Open categories from freestyle competitions of the Dog Chow DiscDog Cup;
  • best 4 teams qualify directly from each event. If there is already qualified team in top 4, nomination goes to next team in the order;
  • not yet qualified team with best freestyle round from each event;
  • previous Czech Discdog Champion;
  • Club SC can award 1 wild card;
  • best 3 teams from Last Chance Competition that runs day before the Championship under the USDDN "national division rule" (1 round of freestyle + 1 round of MD);
  • Each player can participate maximum with only 2 dogs;
  • In the case his 3rd (or more) dog placed on qualifying place, player can choose the dogs he playes on the Championship. Only qualified dogs can take part in the competition. The decision must be made before with date of confirmation.


Kvalifikační kritéria 


Kvalifikační kritéria 

  • Team must perform minimum 40 meters for ladies and 50 meters per men in one of the events that are part of the DogShop liga dogfrisbee 2013;
  • nomination is per player, means that the player can play with any dog no matter which dog he qualify with


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